The Greek Islands are legendary for their beauty and allure, none more so than the isle of Mykonos where a wide selection of Villas includes over 40 of the best, luxury villa rentals available in Europe. The magic of a holiday vacation in the Greek Isles can not be overstated, and Mykonos, which has been called the Jewel of the Aegean Sea, is the most famous of all of them. Surrounded by the celebrated “wine-dark sea,” bathed in light, fueled by a history and culture like no other, Mykonos draws visitors from all over the world. The villas in Mykonos are selected on the basis of their distinctive character, serenity and charm. Mykonos villas provide you with privacy and comfort in one of the great cosmopolitan vacation venues of the world. Mykonos villas are what most people think of, without realizing it, when they picture the Greek isles – gleaming whitewashed cubes perched on the hillsides, with flowering balconies overlooking the Mediterranean. Mykonos is also the most famous of these islands, renowned for a nonstop nightlife and the jet-set cosmopolitan crowds it attracts.

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Mykonos Elia Villa

In the most privileged location of Elia in Mykonos is situated a contemporary summer Residence with fantastic sea views where white color



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